Full-Stack Home Service Business Marketing, Assisted by AI, for Long-Term Growth

Expand your home service business city by city with bespoke digital marketing properties that capture, convert, and create customer advocates.

A New Approach to Home Service Business Marketing

We’ve taken the home service business marketing approach (website, SEO, PPC, Google Business Profile, social media, content, etc.) and supercharged it using our software development chops, innovative automation, and over a decade of home service marketing experience to give businesses renewed hope and vision that all things are possible.

A few trusted brands we utilize, leverage, and integrate with…

Home Service Marketing

We understand what moves the needle in home service business marketing. Some solutions gradually increase performance overtime, while other solutions can have immediate impact. 

To be successful in scaling your business city by city you’ll need to deploy a balance of both. 

I’m sure by this point, you understand SEO is a critical component to your online visibility. Proper SEO can take time. While improving your ranking, direct response marketing will assist in driving the leads you need today. It’s a perfect balance and a symphony that requires the right conductor to capture your audience. What we’ve developed will change the process of home service business marketing indefinitely. 

Website Development

A pretty website is subjective. This is why we also focus on performance and how well your website captures visitors. A beautiful website that converts is key to growth. What sets us apart is the framework built around AI that allows us to design, build, and iterate at scale.

Search Engine Optimization

Contrary to what you may have heard, SEO is not dead. With hundreds of different platforms sending ranking signals to search engines, your website is no longer the only priority. Our proprietary AI stack supercharges your SEO and keeps your brand visible across relevant platforms.

Lead Generation

99% of lead generation is reactionary. You launch a campaign and wait for a lead. We’re changing that by leveraging machine learning and our automation workflow to proactively engage with customers based on intent, user signals, and data-driven interactions.

Google Business Properties

As a home service business, your local visibility on Google Maps, Local Services, Google Business Profile, and other Google properties is critical to successfully expanding your service area. We optimize these Google properties to ensure your online foundation is strong.

And we don't just throw in the term AI everywhere. We've built out a proprietary tech stack that includes machine learning, GPT modeling, automation workflow, and leveraging our full-stack development team to make visual sense to our clients.

Our Secret Sauce

Here at CityBy, our front-end marketing solutions are, in all honesty, boiler plate solutions that all marketing agencies offer their clients. It’s nothing new under the sun. What makes us different is we aren’t limited by platforms and software like Google and ServiceTitan. Most home service businesses use these platforms to their minimum functional potential at best. We use them as our base foundation and build off their platforms in a way that makes them even more effective for your home service business. Our back-end marketing solutions are more than just platforms and software. Think of our back-end as the inner-workings of a supercharged engine. The parts we use are bigger, stronger, and capable of producing more horsepower. It all might live within a clean website shell, but it’s capable of much more. 

Proactive Marketing

Stop being reactionary! Most marketing campaigns are set up to wait for potential customers to initiate communication. It’s usually based on a call-to-action, a promotion, discount, or one of many other sales gimmicks. Don’t get us wrong, there is space for the traditional approach in your marketing strategy; however, this should become a smaller percentage of your approach as you continue to grow. To be clear, proactive marketing isn’t branding and occupying the space between your target audiences ears. Proactive marketing is a different approach, with a different set of core KPI’s, and a totally different framework that totally makes sense, and dollars.

Landing Page Automation

Gain search engine visibility, in the cities you want your home service business to target, by launching optimized city specific landing pages – on the fly, and at scale using our automation workflow. With our automated workflow, you no longer have to wait a few weeks for your web designer to launch a handful of landing pages for hundreds of dollars per page. Mark out the cities in your targeted service area, complete an onboarding questionnaire, and let our system pump optimized landing pages out quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively in a fraction of the time.

FLUID Predictable Leads

Still under development, FLUID is our proprietary platform birthed from over a decade of managing Google Ads and other programmatic accounts. When the lead data from your CRM, like ServiceTitan, is integrated into our machine learning engine, our automation workflow is able to optimize campaigns in a way that produces the type of leads to meet daily goals. FLUID will allow your in-house marketing manager to be that much more effective.

Reputation Management

When potential customers are looking for services online, choosing a reputable and trustworthy company is a leading factor that determines if they’ll contact or not. By growing your customer review count, actively responding to reviews, and putting your best foot forward, you’ll be sure to communicate that your company is the best one to use. We can handle the entire review generation process using AI to text and email your customers to help support and promote your company. 

Our marketing solutions empower home service businesses to focus on what they do best – serving customers. We remove the challenge of implementing tech, while supercharging your digital platforms with an unfair advantage over your competition.

Notable Projects

Machine Learning + Landing Page Automation + AI

Aleco Electric

Implemented our machine learning engine to scrub competitor websites, generate 40% AI copy, and created 38,000 landing pages targeting every city, and neighborhood, with their core service offerings.

Landing Page Automation + SEO + Google

Frontier Pacific

Utilizing an established website, we created city specific landing pages using our automation workflow, and implementing our SEO and Google solutions for greater visibility in their service area. 

Web Dev + SEO + Proactive Marketing

Right Way Garage Doors

Implemented our machine learning engine to scrub competitor websites, generate 40% AI copy, and created 38,000 landing pages targeting every city, and neighborhood, with their core service offerings.

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